Healthcare professional wearing scrubs with Project HOPE logo looks down at a laptop computer.


When we challenge inequities, we advance health care possibilities for people and communities.

Our commitment to improving patient outcomes inspires us to address global health disparities. We collaborate with partners outside the company to expand community education, increase health care provider outreach and break down barriers to care.


Our teams worked to improve treatment access and increase diversity in medical research for women and individuals in Black, 西班牙裔和拉丁裔社区. We also invested in initiatives to support our communities, 包括mg游戏app, 技术, engineering and math (STEM) education in underserved communities.

Headshot of Michael R Jaff DO Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Clinical Affiars Technology and Intervention Peripheral Interventions.

“Increasing diversity in medical research is a critical step to ensure that everyone can benefit from treatments and therapies. Now is the time to eliminate disparities in health care — once and for all.”

——迈克尔·R. 复式干扰,D.O., Chief Medical Officer and Vice President, Clinical Affairs, Technology & Intervention, Peripheral Interventions



Learn more about our 2021 progress in working towards health equity. 


Boston Scientific is proud to be recognized for our progress toward a more equitable world. 

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